Zoom on Ivory Coast through 3 tourist places

Ivory Coast is a West african country. It is famous for its tourist places attracting thousands of tourists. Three of these sites are particularly noteworthy.

Basilica of Our Lady of Peace

Located in the capital Yamoussoukro, this basilica is the largest building of Catholic Christianity in the world. It is built on an area of 130 hectares exceeding by a few meters the famous Basilica of St. Peter in Rome.

Welcoming thousands of tourists every year, this gigantic establishment has the largest surface of stained glass in the world. For its construction, a team composed of workers of various nationalities were invited. This composition perfectly illustrates the name of the basilica: Our Lady of Peace.

The Marahoué National Park

The Marahoué National Park is located in the center-west of the country and is the result of the union of several classified forests. Covering an area of over 100,000 ha, it has a reception center at the main entrance. It has an elephant pond and high observation points. It is an excellent resting place for tourists who want to spend their time in contact with the nature.

This tourist place is classified as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Its vegetation presents landscapes of savanna and virgin forests. It contains several animal species, including the emblem of the country: the elephant.

The waterfalls of Man

The city of Man is famous. FDo reason, we note its magnificent waterfalls. This jewel of nature makes the happiness of both nationals and foreigners. The Man Waterfalls offer a picturesque setting that blends harmoniously with the song of thousands of birds.

These mountain waterfalls present a more than attractive landscape. On the site a traditional liana bridge has been made to the delight of tourists.

Tourists are in search of beauty to discover. Côte d’Ivoire is full of these wonders that are the pride of the entire sub-region.