Discover Las Vegas in 4 places

Las Vegas is an incredible city where fun and happiness meet. Both mythical and magnificent, this city, described as the world capital of gambling, never ceases to amaze. Among the multitude of places to visit, 4 places stand out.


This hotel inspired by the pyramid of Giza reflects Las Vegas in all its splendor. It has 4407 rooms, three swimming pools for swimming enthusiasts and a SPA.

Outside you can admire the famous Sphinx. The laser that illuminates the pyramid at night is visible from space. To spend an unforgettable time, it is an ideal setting.

MGM Grand

The Metro Goldwyn Mayer is a place where shows from different worlds compete. One is greeted by the lion of the famous film company. It is called the largest bronze statue in the USA.

The MGM is a 30-story glass skyscraper with swimming pools and even a wedding chapel.

Paris Las Vegas

It is the perfect replica of Paris. You can’t miss it with the imitation of the Eiffel Tower and other great monuments of the French city.

A swimming pool is built on the roof of the casino with one of the tower’s legs running through it. The view from this hotel is so amazing. For sure it will satisfy those who are nostalgic for the City of Light.

High Roller Observation Wheel

The city that stretches out its tentacles in the middle of the Nevada desert can be seen from above. The HROW is the perfect place to do so. The world’s largest Ferris wheel, with 28 cabins, allows for this 30-minute trip.

This time seems short, but it leaves a feeling of intense pleasure. For more magic, you can repeat the attraction at the Sunset, another great place in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is a world of its own. It is a fairy world where you can visit many places. The playground of the United States is full of surprises. It has more than one trick up its sleeve.