Why should you visit the heritage wall in Benin?

Benin is full of many tourist places. The heritage wall stands out because it is essentially based on graffiti, a visual art. There are many reasons to visit it.

Discover the longest graffitied wall in Africa

This jewel is the product of a collaboration between several talented graffiti artists. Located in the heart of the country’s economic capital, it gives a new image to this beautiful city. It is essentially focused on graffiti, an art whose execution is done on a surface. It could therefore be described as an open-air museum.

This masterpiece becomes the third-longest graffitied wall in the world. With him, we count notably those of Russia, Brazil, and the United Arab Emirates. So, ready for a graffiti concert? There is much to discover about the beninese history.

Get in touch with Beninese culture

It is the festival  » Effet Graff  » which gave rise to this magnificent work. Its goal is to tell the history of Benin and its people through art. It is part of a campaign to show the specific character of the Beninese tradition. The graffitied images make it possible to recognize icons of Benin.

We can mention the famous king Behanzin, the singers Sagbohan Danialou and Angélique Kidjo, the queen Tassi Hangbé. Also General Mathieu Kérékou and the actress Marcelline Aboh are represented. In addition to the personalities, objects or places with a place of choice in the history of the country are illustrated. It is the recade, the mask Guèlèdè, Egunguns …

What holds the attention is especially the effect caused by the quality of the graffiti. The content of the images as well as their representation do not leave anyone indifferent. The pleasure and pride invade the being when we find ourselves in front of this open air show.

The heritage wall is a plus for the valorization of Benin. Its beauty and the message conveyed are reasons to visit it.